Beninca To GO 2 AK remote control

Beninca To GO 2 AK remote control

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The Beninca TO.GO2AK Handheld transmitter is a convenient replacement for old Beninca transmitters at 433.92 Mhz. With simple programming, this handheld transmitter can take the code from your existing remote control, making upgrading your system effortless. In addition, this transmitter is compatible with several other Beninca transmitters and offers the flexibility to be used with various systems.

To clone the Beninca TO.GO2AK Handheld transmitter, two methods are available: rapid cloning and advanced cloning.

In fast cloning, each channel (button) of the original transmitter is copied exactly to the new TO.GOAK transmitter. It is recommended to clone the TO.GO2AK with an original 2-channel Transmitter. The steps for fast cloning are as follows:

  1. Hold down button T1 of the new TO.GOAK Transmitter. The LED will light continuously, then flash rapidly and finally flash slowly.
  2. Hold the T1 button and press a button on the original Handheld transmitter.
  3. If cloning is successful, the LED of the new Transmitter will turn off. Release the buttons. Use charged batteries for both Transmitters.

With advanced cloning, you can choose specific channels to copy from the original Transmitter to the TO.GOAK. Here's how it works:

  1. Hold the button on the TO.GOAK to which you want to copy the feature. The LED will light and flash rapidly.
  2. After 5 seconds, hold the original handheld transmitter against the new handheld transmitter and press the appropriate button on the original handheld transmitter.
  3. If cloning is successful, the LED of the new transmitter will turn off. Release all buttons. The selected channel has now been copied. Use charged batteries for both transmitters.

Remember, if the red LED of the new Handheld transmitter does not go out after 15 seconds, the cloning was not successful. Then try again after 1 minute and make sure the transmitters are placed next to each other for proper cloning.

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