Remote controls for roller shutters and sun blinds

Remote controls and wall transmitters for roller shutters and sun blinds.

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Somfy Situo 1 RTS Pure II remote control
Situo 1 RTS Pure II remote control
Somfy Situo 1 RTS Pure II (Somfy Telis 1) remote control
Situo 1 RTS Pure II (Somfy Telis 1) remote control
Somfy Situo 1 io II remote control
Situo 1 io II remote control
Hörmann Wireless keypad FCT 10, 40 MHz
Wireless keypad FCT 10, 40 MHz
Somfy Situo 5 io II remote control
Situo 5 io II remote control

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Tedsen Handheld transmitter SKX1-MD
Handheld transmitter SKX1-MD

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Select-Line Garage door operator set
Garage door operator set
Tedsen Handheld transmitter SKX2-MD
Handheld transmitter SKX2-MD
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In our webshop we have hundreds of handheld transmitters or remote controls from € 19.95 for operating your garage door operator, roller shutter, rolling gate, sun blinds, awning or lighting. We have a suitable handheld transmitter or remote control for every system. Our range includes handheld transmitters with different channels for controlling various devices.

  • Handheld transmitters from €19.95
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  • Free returns within 14 days
  • Satisfied customers: rating of 9.1 based on more than 500 reviews

Order handheld transmitter

If you have chosen a handheld transmitter or remote control, place it in your shopping cart by selecting the product and clicking on 'add to cart'. When your order is complete, click on 'complete order'. You then enter your details and the shipping method, after which you pay securely in our webshop.

Which handheld transmitter do you need?

The specifications of each remote control state which electrical devices you can operate with it. Certain products specifically state which brand of appliances they are suitable for, while others list the type of appliance you can operate. We may also mention which remote controls can replace the handheld transmitter. Are you unsure about the right product for your situation? Please contact We are happy to help you find a suitable handheld transmitter.

Prices of handheld transmitters

We have handheld transmitters and remote controls from € 19.95. The price of a handheld transmitter depends on the number of channels and the functions. Some remote controls are only suitable for roller shutters, while other remote controls are multifunctional and also control roller gates, doors and lighting. The number of channels of the remote control indicates how many electrical devices you can control.

  1. Handheld transmitter with 1 or 2 channels
  2. Handheld transmitter with 3 or 4 channels
  3. Handheld transmitter with 5 or 6 channels
  4. Handheld transmitter with 8 or 9 channels
  5. Handheld transmitter with 12 to 15 channels
  6. Handheld transmitter with 40 channels

Universal handheld transmitters

Our remote controls are suitable for all types of roller shutters, but many of our universal handheld transmitters can also be used for fences, doors, sun blinds and lighting. At you will find the following items:

  • Hand transmitters for roller shutters
  • Hand transmitters for rolling gates
  • Remote controls for gates
  • Handheld transmitters for sun blinds
  • Handheld transmitters for awnings
  • Remote controls for lighting
  • Handheld transmitters for fire doors
  • Garage door openers
  • Remote controls for commercial doors

Hand transmitter for garage doors and gates

You can also operate your garage doors and gates with the handheld transmitters from A large part of the range is ideal for automating gates and doors. This way you don't have to get out of your car, but you can operate the door of your garage or your gate remotely.

Remote control for sun blinds and awnings

Our handheld transmitters are also ideal for operating sun blinds and awnings. You do not have to go outside to manually operate your sun protection screen or awning, but you can easily operate the screens remotely. Check the specifications of the remote control to see whether it is suitable for extending and retracting sun blinds and awnings.

Control lighting remotely

You can switch your lighting on and off with a handheld transmitter. Thanks to the different channels that many handheld transmitters have, you can control different lights in and outside your home. Consider, for example, the lighting in your kitchen, outdoor lighting and mood lighting in your living room. You can operate all lights with one push of the button on your handheld transmitter.

Brands of handheld transmitters

With us you will find an extensive range of handheld transmitters from various well-known brands, including Somfy, Faher and Tedsen.

Somfy handheld transmitters

We have the Telis 1 and Telis 4 RTS handheld transmitter from Somfy in 4 different color finishes: white, silver, blue/white and high-gloss black. We also have the Somfy Situo 1 and 4, which are available in white, dark gray, orange and green. You already have a Somfy handheld transmitter from € 37.95.

Tedsen handheld transmitters has the SKX1-MD, SKX2-MD, SM1-MD, SKJ and many other versions with 1 to 12 channels from Tedsen. These handheld transmitters are easy to program. The Tedsen handheld transmitters are available from €44.95.

Simu handheld transmitters

We have the handheld transmitters from the Hz series from Simu. The remote controls have 1 to 6 different channels and are available in white, black, gray and blue. You can buy a Simu handheld transmitter from €32.95.

Becker remote control

The range of Becker hand transmitters includes the Centronic EasyControl EC142 - II hand transmitter for garage door drives, roller shutters, sun blinds, awnings and lighting. The multifunctional Becker handheld transmitters are available from € 29.90.

Altron handheld transmitters

We have both the luxury and the standard hand transmitter from Altron for controlling sun blinds or roller shutters with Altron RS or RR tubular motors. The prices for an Altron handheld transmitter are between €32.95 and €39.95.

Marantec remote control

The Digital 564 and 572 handheld transmitters with secure b-linked radio technology from Marantec can be found cheaply at The Marantec Digital 302, 304 and 313 in 868 and 433 MHz and Digital 663 also have secure b-linked radio technology. With these Marantec hand transmitters you can also operate Condoor doors that are equipped with a High-Line or Pro-Line drive.

Faher handheld transmitters

From Faher we have the widely used DC250 and DC251, the luxury handheld transmitters DC305 and DC306, but also the mini handheld transmitters DC61 and DC115A; so you have a wide choice of Faher handheld transmitters . The remote controls are available from € 19.95.

Control of roller shutters

There are various ways in which you can operate your roller shutters. Operating your roller shutters with a hand transmitter or remote control is just one of the options. You can also opt for a rotary switch or a wall transmitter with one or more channels.

Other roller shutter parts

In our webshop you will find handheld transmitters, but also other parts for your roller shutters:

Customer service

The shipping costs are €4.95 for orders within the Netherlands and €6.95 for shipping to Belgium. If your order is more than €80, you will not pay shipping costs within the Netherlands. You have a cooling-off period of 14 days and you can return it for free when you use our returns process.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the handheld transmitters or our other roller shutter parts, please contact us via the contact form or by calling 088 366 7373 . Even if you cannot find your product in our webshop, you can contact us. We supply many more roller shutter parts on request.

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