Elero VariEasy M SH tubular motor, a versatile motor for blinds and roller shutters

Elero VariEasy M SH tubular motor, a versatile motor for blinds and roller shutters

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Are you looking for a reliable and versatile tubular motor for your blinds or Roller shutters? Meet the Elero VariEasy M SH, a corded tubular motor that guarantees effortless control and high-quality performance.

With convenient adjustment pins on the motor head, the VariEasy M SH offers easy mechanical adjustment, making the installation process hassle-free. This powerful motor can be controlled with ease via a Switch or seamlessly integrated into your home automation system with external control modules, giving you complete control over your blinds.

What really sets this tubular motor apart is not only its impressive quality and versatility, but also its affordability. As a product of Elero, a renowned German brand known for its top quality and durability, the VariEasy M SH offers excellent value for money.

Available in different tensile strengths - 10 Nm, 20 Nm and 30 Nm - this tubular motor is suitable for a wide range of applications, from Roller shutters to blinds. Plus, the Elero VariEasy is a perfect replacement for the Somy Solus, with a star-shaped head that fits seamlessly into Somfy's motor supports, allowing you to easily upgrade without high costs.

With specifications such as a tubular motor with a diameter of Ø 45 mm, a speed of 14 rpm and a 4-wire white cable of 2 meters length, the VariEasy M SH offers everything you need for smooth and efficient operation.

Choose from the different variants - Elero VariEasy M 10 SH, Elero VariEasy M 20 SH and Elero VariEasy M 30 SH - each with their unique power and specifications, so you can choose the motor that perfectly suits your needs and applications.

Upgrade your blinds and roller shutters with the Elero VariEasy M SH tubular motor and experience the perfect combination of quality, performance and ease of use. Your convenience starts here!

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