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Rotary switches, push buttons and wall transmitters for Roller shutters and awnings.

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Somfy Built-in push button Inis DC
Built-in push button Inis DC

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Buy roller shutter switches

Browse our collection of more than forty roller shutter switches from €9.95. Choose from code keyboards, rotary switches, push button switches, key switches, timers and wall transmitters. Order directly from our webshop and receive your Roller shutter parts at home within 2 days.

  • Shutter switch from € 9.95
  • Choose from more than 40 roller shutter switches
  • Also switches for sunshades
  • Free returns


Wide range of roller shutter switches

With more than forty roller shutter switches in our range, you have a wide choice. We have different types of switches for your roller shutters and awnings, such as rotary switches and key switches. Choose a suitable Switch from a reputable brand such as Simu, Faher or Somfy to operate your Roller shutter or awning.


Switch for awnings

Our wireless switches are universal, making them also suitable for awnings. Our specialists can tell you all about sunshade switches. Feel free to contact us via 088-3667373.


Rotary switch

A rotary switch is an easy way to control your Roller shutters and awnings. The roller shutter switches are available as surface-mounted and flush-mounted models. You can also choose between single-pole and double-pole switches. A double-pole roller shutter switch allows you to operate two systems. You can also buy separate rotary switches at


Pushbutton switch

If you want push buttons to control your roller shutters and other systems, check out all our push button switches. We offer various roller shutter switches that allow you to control one or more systems. With a built-in switch, you have a system that is neatly concealed in the wall and hardly noticeable. A surface-mounted switch is also mounted on the wall, but it is somewhat thicker and therefore protrudes further from the wall.


Key switch

A key switch is a particularly handy option for outdoors. This is because the roller shutter switch then hangs where people can easily reach it. To make sure no one else opens your roller shutters, gate or garage door, you still need a key to operate this system.



If you don't want to depend on a key or access pass to open your garage door, gate or Roller shutter, a code keyboard is a good solution. You only need to remember the correct code to open or close the system. You never have to worry about forgetting the key again. Shutter switches are wireless.



Have your Roller shutters and blinds open and close automatically at the desired time, e.g. when you get up in the morning or go to bed in the evening. You easily set two times on the timer to operate the system. Some timers can even be set according to the incidence of light, so that your Roller shutters close at dusk, for example. The timers are available both wired and wireless.


Wall transmitter

You attach a wall-mounted transmitter to the wall and use it to operate your roller shutters. This type of roller shutter switch often has the same functions as a remote control and is easy to handle. Simple variants are available, but we also have wall transmitters with a modern display and touch screen.


Garage doors and gates

Our roller shutter switches are not only suitable for controlling roller shutters, but also for other systems such as garage doors, gates, blinds and lighting. Want to know if a particular Switch is suitable for your system? Then take a look at the product's specifications or contact us.


More Roller shutter parts

You can choose from hundreds of different roller shutter parts for roller shutters, awnings and awnings of different brands and sizes. Check out our other Roller shutter parts:


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